Swiss Alps

Pier Farrugia

More than 30 years of programming

After developing world renown architecture software, I began web and client/server programming before 2000

User Interface / User eXperience, front-end and back-end development


Nice, efficient and elegant code is at the heart of my day.

User eXperience benefit of a real responsive web. For SEO, most important key is speed.

With always keeping in mind someone will use the program: it has to be functional, logical, and clean


I focus a lot on standard web technologies:

  • Javascript, CSS, HTML for front-end
  • PHP, SQL, no-SQL for back end

When needed, and when it's more efficient, framework (Vue, Svelte) or CMS (Wordpress) are used


Support is highly ranked by my clients

Lot of code is in-house, lot easier to debug or modify. No plugin on top of another plugin, in parallel with another plugin: you never know why it's buggy!

Any program is given with a programming manual. You want another programmer, you can.

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HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, SQL, noSQL, Svelte, Vue, Node,...


Direct programming results in a very fast and responsive program. Your site is pure Web: HTML, Javascript in client language (browser) and PHP in server language, if a database is used. The styling is done using CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

Everything is open and possible


  • Performance: direct programming gives fast and responsive website
  • Any design possible
  • Debugging is easy: code is from 100 to thousands smaller than CMS


  • Time to market: at first programming is slower than CMS
  • Need programmer to modify software
  • Lot of site changes can be easy. Sometimes one change needs to rebuild program part structure


The CMS (Content Management Software) allows a short lead time for a site mockup with the use of pre-built templates, pre-built plug-ins... A non-programmer, a collaborator can create or update a website produced with a CMS.


  • Time to market with pre-built templates, pre-built plug-in with a person trained to the CMS
  • Used by thousand or millions websites
  • Small changes and debugging is easy
  • Your assistant will be happy: she's managing website


  • 67% of websites are supposed to be done with WordPress. How many really active? ... less than 20%!
  • It's HUGE: like taking a gun to kill a mosquitoe!
  • Modifications involving templates, plug-in can be complicated and buggy
  • Updates can work well or not...
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